Day by Day Counseling Center is proud to offer The Apothecary Company herbal products. The Apothecary Company handcrafts traditional balms, salves, natural lye-free soaps, soaking salts, men’s care, pet care, candles, aromatherapy and other self-care products using locally sourced and high-quality ingredients.

We stock The Apothecary Company because they use only 100% natural, wholesome ingredients. Botanicals are a huge part of the daily health and healing process. They strive to share the healing capacity of botanicals with everyone and we honor that quality by offering their products to our clients to aid in self-care and healing. 

Compare the ingredients to other brands like we did. Day by Day Counseling Center thinks you will agree with the quality of The Apothecary Company. We proudly provide these nourishing apothecary goods that are free from toxins and harsh chemicals.

– The Apothecary Company’s Traditional Method –

Few of the varieties of old-style salves, liniments, tinctures, and balms produced during the 1700 and 1800s are available today. The traditional method was replaced with a commercialized process which often mixes mineral oil or petroleum-based emollients with synthetic additives and harsh fragrances.

Traditional applications didn’t include such ingredients. When infused in a particular way, botanical properties are magnified. Old-style botanical infusions are still well known for their genuine medicinal properties. Families before the turn of the century and earlier would journal practical knowledge like salve and tincture recipes in cookery books to record and annotate instructions for younger generations.

The Apothecary Company offers self-care products that were made using these traditional methods which infuse essential oils and botanicals into lush oils and butters to furnish a natural scent alongside with the healing nutrients and aromatherapeutic properties.

– Nasal Inhalers –

Soaking Salts – 

– Roller-bottled Liniments –

– Dropper bottled Tinctures –

– Ointments –


LUX Lotion Bars

– Natural Deodorant –

Lip Care

Lip Balms

Aromatherapy Soy Wax Blend Candles

Want to double check our facts?

Skin Deep researchers provide an up-to-date database for people like you and me to see exactly know how each ingredient in a product affects you. The evidence is clear: Some products’ ingredients promote health and some escalate disease. We showcase products that promote health instead of disease. Day by Day Counseling Center provides use recommendations of essential oil products to help ensure clients know how to use these products in the way that is intended and that best promotes daily health. All recommendations are provided by the National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy. Please see their free resource guide for essential oil use and safety.

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