Our Approach to You

Spirituality is a critical source of strength for many clients. The healthcare industry has been slow in recognizing the need to address the interconnectedness of one’s inner life and mind to the physical body. Doctors ask just about every imaginable question about a client’s life, yet often do not deeply inquire about the influence and meaning of values, spirituality, or religion in an individual’s life. Major professional organizations often do not recognize the importance of life’s issues on the human spirit and mind.

There is now widespread interest in the role of spirituality, mindfulness, and self-care in day to day life because of its effect on well-being. Growing empirical evidence shows that better understanding our values and inner life can promote better health and healing. Evidence for this is found in the many books and articles published about mindfulness, self-care, and improving the inner experience.

Counseling can help clients gain insight into ways their judgments, core beliefs, and values are reflected in their life and behavior. Some clients discover they need to reexamine why certain situations have come about in their life, and what the relationship that certain values had to reoccurring issues. For other clients, religion does not occupy a key place of discussion, yet the issues they face are a sacred inner journey to find meaning or understanding.Values help many people make sense out of the world and the universe and find purpose in life. They can help us get in touch with our own strength of imagination and thought, senses and judgment, and intention actions.

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